iSaveNow and Pulse iD: Crafting the Go-To Destination for Savvy Shoppers in Australia

iSaveNow and Pulse iD: Crafting the Go-To Destination for Savvy Shoppers in Australia


Merchants onboarded


Members sign ups


– Increase Free Member Sign-ups

– Upgrade Members to iSaveMore Paid Tier 

Client’s Objectives
In a bold move to revolutionize the online savings and rewards landscape, iSaveNow partnered with Pulse iD, aiming to redefine how consumers access deals and rewards. 

With a clear vision to make everything from daily essentials to life’s luxuries more affordable, iSaveNow offers a 2-tier membership :

Free Account Sign-Up:

Consumers can initially sign up for a free account to browse deals, shop from various brands, and track their savings.

iSaveMore Membership: 

An upgrade to this paid membership offers exclusive benefits, including increased cashback, better savings on gift cards, automatic entry into all giveaways, and first access to new brands and deals.


In partnership with iSaveNow, Pulse iD crafted an end-to-end solution, including:

AI-Powered Technology Platform and Backend Integration:

This technological backbone enabled seamless operation and integration of various components.

Consumer Platform Development:

Pulse iD designed the UX/UI of the website and mobile app, ensuring a user-friendly and engaging consumer experience.

Merchant Onboarding and Management:

Over 2,000 merchants were successfully onboarded, providing an extensive range of choices for users across multiple categories.

Campaign Management:

Tailored campaigns featuring personalized cashback offers, giveaways, gift cards, and more, were strategically implemented.


The collaboration between Pulse iD and iSaveNow already achieved remarkable results:

Extensive Merchant Network:

Successfully onboarded a total of 2,000 merchants onto the platform.

Rapid Member Growth:

Within less than a month of the launch in January 2024, 12,000 members signed up.

High Conversion Rate:

Approximately 15% of iSaveNow members upgraded to the iSaveMore paid membership.

Pulse iD’s innovative approach and technological expertise can powerfully transform a client’s digital rewards and savings offering, driving both customer engagement and business growth.

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