GCash is using Pulse iD customer segmentation & geolocation capabilities to deliver personalized customer offers to 76 million customers.

GCash is using Pulse iD customer segmentation & geolocation capabilities to deliver personalized customer offers to 76 million customers.

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G-Cash is using Pulse iD customer segmentation & geolocation capabilities to deliver personalized customer offers to 76 million customers.

85% of adults

In Philippines pay with GCash

5+ years

On Pulse iD platform


– Grow payment volumes

– Hyper-personalization

Client’s Objectives

GCash, is the leading mobile wallet in the Philippines – currently used by over 80% of the adult  population. The company is a joint venture between AliPay and Globe Telecom. The company has embarked on a pivotal growth phase with ambitious objectives:

Scalability :

To rapidly and efficiently drive user adoption of the GCash mobile payment platform

Personalization :

To engage with a rapidly growing user base in a more personalised and
targeted manner

Location-based Offers:

To allow millions of Gcash app users to discover nearby merchant offers
that are available to them


GCash has been leveraging the Pulse iD platform since 2018. Pulse iD has played an important role in the GCash personalization journey – allowing the company to engage a growing user base with content personalized to their real-time location.

Hyper-Personalised Marketing:

Leveraging Pulse iD segmentation capabilities, GCash delivered millions of tailored marketing campaigns daily, fostering deeper user engagement and

Geofencing technology:

Utilizing the Pulse iD platform, GCash is able to trigger location-based
push notifications across thousands of real-world locations for tens of millions of users

Adoption of mobile payments:

Location-based offers powered by Pulse iD technology has allowed GCash to increase payment volumes through its mobile payments platform

Merchant Onboarding and Offer Creation:

The use of the Pulse iD platform was extended to streamline Merchant Onboarding and Offer Creation processes, enhancing the scalability of the


Pulse iD’s collaboration with GCash has yielded impressive results:

Impressive Growth:

GCash’s monthly active users skyrocketed from less than 5 million in 2018
to over 76 million in 2023, marking a remarkable milestone in its growth journey

Increased Open Rate:

The introduction of segmentation techniques led to a more targeted distribution strategy, resulting in a significant increase in the campaign open rate from 10% to an impressive 50%

Cross-sell of Products:

GCash successfully cross-sold and up-sold additional products, including insurance, savings, and investment products, diversifying its product offerings and opening new revenue streams

Strengthened Partnership:

The outstanding success and value of the collaboration led to GCash extending its partnership with Pulse iD, solidifying a long-term commitment to driving
innovation and growth

Pulse iD looks forward to continuing to assist GCash in positioning itself as a frontrunner in the mobile
wallet industry, empowering millions of users with convenient and secure financial services

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