5 Key Ingredients of a Super App

How many apps did you use to order food or groceries, book a cab, shop latest styles, and make online transactions? At least 4, right? But why sift through a library of apps to find the one for a specific task when one app can do it all for you? That’s exactly what a super-app does!

What is a super-app?

A super-app reduces your strain by providing a variety of services under one umbrella. It gives you frictionless access to the marketplace, provides outstanding services, and offers a multifaceted experience. For these reasons, there are many success stories of super-apps like WeChat, Grab, and Go-Jek in the marketplace.

Now, let’s look at five key ingredients that make an app a super-app!

1 - Personalisation: Imagine walking across the streets of Paris or New York and getting a notification from your favourite coffee shop:

“Our outlet is 5 minutes away from you. Walk in and get a 10% discount on your purchase.”
Getting personalized offer notification

Today, a successful digital experience is not personal, but personalised. To tailor the offers based on customer interests and needs, a super-app relies on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning using impression data and purchase history.

2 - Effortless navigation: The presence of a large number of services and products can clutter your screen and your mind. A super-app is super simple. It focuses on experience in addition to features and simplifies the user interface while spotlighting pivotal data. The app provides an intuitive way to log in, navigate through services, and manage multiple accounts.

3 - Enabling self-service: Why did we switch from a banking system to a FinTech app? FinTech apps allow us to make payments and manage our accounts on our fingertips while sitting on the couch.

A key differentiator in digital experience is creating a sense of accomplishment. One way to do this is by providing clear and precise instructions to accomplish a task. At the same time, a handy customer service to resolve problems enhances this feeling.

4 - Offers and incentives: All companies crave customer loyalty. To promote loyalty, super-apps give rewards upon using the app, such as coupons and cash-backs. They often integrate third-party merchant offers within the app. Customers can also earn rewards by playing games like spin the wheel and quizzes, referring a product or service to their friends, or sharing their experience on social media.

5 - Trust and security: Would you use an app that has leaked the data of some of its users? No, right?

Trust and security

Data lays the foundation of the success of a super-app. The more data collected, the superior the offerings for the customers using the app. Managing customers’ personal data without breaching their security is crucial to foster a sense of trust. This helps in maintaining loyalty and long-lasting customer relationships.

5 Key Ingredients of a Super App
5 Key Ingredients of a Super App

With these key ingredients, the secret recipe to make a super-app is to leverage technology to use customer data and embed a payment capacity for giving users a local, personal, and smooth experience. Companies can add these ingredients by themselves or broaden their services through partnerships with key industry players like Pulse iD.

Pulse iD is a platform that connects merchant offers to a network of banks, telcos, super-apps in a personalized, simplified, and secured manner. So, create your Pulse iD today and build a competitive business edge through great customer experience!

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