Game-changer for your loyalty ecosystem

Create hyper-local offers – Flawless customer experiences - Seamless redemption

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Connect and converse with customers around your locations

Smart sourcing of offers & rewards

Eliminate friction in negotiating loyalty offers & benefits. Intuitive, self-service platform for building a next-level loyalty program.

  • Self-service platform

  • Vet & approve offers

  • Cash-backs & coupons

  • Source hyper-local offers

  • Submit via app or web portal

  • Rewards & Happy Hour

Alert customers of nearby offers

Geofence key locations to trigger customer alerts of nearby offers. Engage customers with personalized offers across your web portals & mobile apps.

  • In-app offers feed

  • SMS & Email

  • Location-based push notifications

  • Link to your web portals

  • API integration

  • Segment targeting

Seamless redemption

Offer multiple ways for your customers to redeem compelling loyalty offers. Allow customers to redeem without friction at thousands of merchants.

  • Merchant store attribution

  • Redemption via credit card

  • Redeem using loyalty points

  • QR code integration

  • In-app purchase

  • Redemption via bank systems

Mine the data

Algorithmically profile customers based on their geolocation & transaction data trail.Machine Learning lets you deepen customer relationships.

  • Monitor custom profile

  • De-anonymized data

  • Feed to CRM & fraud systems

  • Privacy & PCI-compliant

  • API integration

  • Data lakes & analytics feeds

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